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We need coffee.  We need each other.

Single Origin.  Fair Trade. 
100% Colombian Specialty, Farm to Cup.

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Natalia + Holly

Our Story

Natalia and Holly met through a computer screen a continent away. Fast forward a few years and a lot of dreaming in between: IMOK coffee is taking flight.

What in the world does IMOK mean? It’s a warped code word that was developed during many hours of work. When things seemed too much, we would ask - are you ok? If the answer was IMOK, it meant we probably weren’t, but we had each other.

IMOK is a specialty Colombian coffee and it’s in our blood. Literally in the case that it comes from Natalia’s family farm, and that Holly cannot survive without it in her bloodstream. While we need coffee, we need each other more. This is a catalyst for connection, one cup at a time.

We know you can get coffee anywhere. And we salute you. However, just know when you buy IMOK you’re also helping others be ok as we are donating a portion of proceeds to a number of organizations that promote connection, grief support, and uplifting silenced voices. We want everyone to hear: UROK.

The world might be a messy place sometimes, but we will be ok with a cup of coffee and the people that matter to our hearts most. We launched this EXACTLY during this time because we can't help much, but we can help with the simple things that matter.  Coffee, and having human connection.  We will start there with your help.

free coffee? Yes, Please.

Why in the world when we run a business do we want to give away free coffee?  Because we believe the mission of connecting with each other is the treasure we all need.  

If you're in the mood to connect with us or need a hello from a real human being, feel free to reach out to us here.  In thanks, we will send you a cup of coffee in the form of one Personal Pour-over.  All you have to do is share a little bit about you below, and answer a quick hello from us on the email you leave.  

This is not a trick.  It's just a kind thing to do.  Put FREE COFFEE in the subject line; we will ask you for your mailing address (at this time we can only ship in the continental US - but we hope to hear from international friends as well).  You might get the occasional email from us (and ONLY us) about what we hope you'll join us in. 

 We need coffee.  We need each other.  Hope to connect with you soon. 

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