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Our Coffee

About our Beans-ness

Since our first day in beansness, IMOK Cafe - Colombian Specialty Coffee has offered the best single origin, fair trade Colombian Coffee ever grown on the planet earth.  That might sound like hyperbole, but it's not one ounce (it's actually 8oz of goodness per cup).  We focus on whole beans due to the nature of preserving the flavor to your door, and offer specialty items based on season and demand.  We are proud of our relationships and our process; read more about it below!

Farm to cup. No compromises.

Our Beans

100% Arabica - Colombian

Single Origin, Fair Trade Colombian Coffee

With an artesinal, fumigation-free process, the beans are hand-picked straight from Natalia's family farm are hand picked, gently washed, and fermented for 12-15 hours. They get some dry time high in the mountain and Risalralda, Pereria Colombian sun (1,720 msmn) and are roasted to a perfect medium.  


FTO (Fair Trade Labeling Organization)

UTZ (Good Agricultural Processes) 

Prepared with Love and Family

Strict and Sanitary Preparations

Next, family and fairly-paid friends adhere to the strictest packaging processes to make sure the product is delivered to you as fresh, healthy and loved as it grew on the farm.

Sustainable & Honest Packaging Process

Do you know where your store-bought beans come from?

Neither do we.  But, we do know IMOK is really more than OK.  Sustainably packaged on site at Natalia's family farm, these amazing morsels are deliberately  and efficiently packaged.  WE DO NOT RECYCLE, REUSE, REPACKAGE, OR MARK UP QUESTIONABLE SOURCED PRODUCT under our label.  First, it's NOTOK.  Second, we believe in getting beans and profit back directly to the source of those who put in the hard work to grow it for us.

Delivered to your doorstep

Natalia + Holly = 
Coffee Concierge

Natalia and Holly make sure IMOK is indeed ok once it arrives in a few short weeks direct to us from Colombia.  Once you place an order, we make sure it is then sustainably shipped (that's why we used recycled packaging and boxes....we will counter-karma that A-name company and their box litter!).

We personally socially-distance deliver in our local areas (Indianapolis and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), or efficiently ship at the lowest, fastest rate for you to get IMOK immediately!

Package Delivered