We need coffee. We need each other. We created this company not only to connect you to best coffee in the world, but to do something more important: foster what we really need which is connection with those we love and need. 


We curated this gift set for you to set aside time and intention for you to let someone you know: UROK (You’re Ok). Make time for a cup of coffee and connection with a friend, family member, or a perfect excuse to create a new connection as well. You can take a breath thinking IMOK (I’m Ok) and know that you’re helping someone else be OK too. Give the precious gift of coffee. And, a little bit of your time together.


Artesianal process, hand picked, gently washed, fermented for 12-15 hours, sun dried.  Hand selected before and after roasting. Clean production without fumigation, and with sunshine, family, and love.


The Nerdy Stuff That Makes IMOK So Amazing:
Grain size classification: Mes No. 17-18
SCA taster score: 85 points in cup
Species: Arabica 100% Colombian
Variety: Castillo Naranjal
Origin: Risaralda, Caldas
Altitude: 1,720 msmn
Roast: Medium

FLO: Fairtrade Labeling Organization
UTZ: Good Agricultural Practices


    At IMOK, we promise to deliver an excellent experience, from purchase to your first sip.  Due to the nature of perishible products and safety standards, we are unable to accept returns of open product.  However, we will always strive to "make it right" with honesty and integrity if we didn't hit the mark.  Please reach out to us directly at to give us the opportunity to make this a lasting connection. 


    We want to keep the cost as low as possible for you in our efforts to provide the best coffee in the world directly to you.  We charge minimum amounts (weight and box dimension dependant), and offer delivery in our local areas (Indianapolis Metro and Raleigh).