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IMOK Virtual Cafe

We need coffee.  We need each other.

We hope you enjoy the best Single Origin, Fair Trade Coffee grown by real people, and that gives back to a good cause.  


Our mission is to bring you the best coffee as a catalyst for connection that we all need, not just in messy times.  We empower you to use IMOK to reach out to someone you want to reconnect with, love and see everyday, or start a new connection.  We are not above tricking people into having authentic conversations and a moment of real meaning during the day.  We would love if you could share your IMOK / UROK connection coffee in our virtual cafe.  What did it inspire?  How did it turn out?  What did you learn?  We want to share great coffee, but we want to share the story that really matters.  

Join us by following along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag/share your connection story. 

I missed my sister.  We always feel connected, but sometimes things get busy even when you are in quarantine.  I sent her a bag of UROK, and we use it as an excuse to get together to have a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings.  I learned how much I miss her.

I have to tell you, fixing my cup of coffee every morning has been an absolute delight! I know I need to probably switch to the bag and my French press, but I really love these little individual bags!  It has become a ritual for me every morning. Delicious coffee!!!

Your story is yet to be written.

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